Take time for yourself


Life should and can be more beautiful and easier. You should enjoy, appreciate and love yourself more. That is the only way to be respected and loved by others. It is essential that you create an intention and focus your attention in order to awaken the energy that will propel you forward. With that idea, the Moment of Bliss aroma set was born, which fills every cell of your being with peace and feeds improves concentration and creativity. It contains a key that turns your attention inward, toward your own regeneration. It invites you to return to yourself and your source.

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Maya’s Art

Maja’s painting is deeply intuitive and impulsive. She is painting in one fell swoop, honestly, from the soul, without any prior plan. Growing up, she spent a lot of time in her father’s studio, painting with him and listening to classical music. Her mum played the piano and was especially fond of Bach, which is why her brother was named Sebastijan. For her, painting is like meditation in motion. In Maja’s opinion, creativity is the most beautiful surrender that leads to overcoming personal boundaries, returning to oneself and personal feminine strength.

“I mostly paint acrylic on canvas. In that process, emotions simply create colours. It happened to me very often that I recognized the created image much later in real life as a real event. That’s why I call my painting deeply intuitive. I think creativity will save the world”, explains Maja.


One day, one life

Insights and knowledge gained during decades of practising yoga, Ayurveda and meditation have been translated into the book “One Day, One Life”, which depicts the story of the road towards personal and spiritual improvement and can become your mentor for an ordered and balanced everyday life. A lot of love and energy is woven into the book, which will give an impetus and be a wind in the sails of anybody who is just starting to work on themselves.

“Every morning is a chance to improve and improve something. Every day is a chance to tell someone we love them.”

About the author


Maja Milićević was born in Osijek in 1975. She was introduced to meditation and yoga as a thirteen-year-old. At the age of 18, she completed training in Ukraine and Switzerland and became the youngest teacher of transcendental meditation and yoga. From one of the greatest teachers today, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, she learned transcendental meditation, yoga sutras, Ayurveda, Jyotish, and Vastu. With the help of Yogacharya Jadranko Miklec, she specialized in therapeutic yoga and an individual approach to exercise.

She learned the Ashtanga yoga system from David Williams. From Maharishi Swami Dev Murti, Maja also learned the ideal system of spine exercises that form the basis of therapeutic yoga. She completed her education in pulse diagnosis and marma massage with Dr Ernst Schrott, director of the German Academy of Ayurveda. Maja graduated from the TIMS Sports and Tourism Faculty in Novi Sad and got her Master’s degree from the Management in Sports Faculty. She is a certified teacher and representative for Serbia of the European Yoga Federation and World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda.

Some of her numerous clients include Jelena and Novak Djoković, Biljana and Janko Tipsarević, Severina and Salma Hayek. She also collaborated with numerous companies and institutions, including the Special Forces Unit and its commander Spasoje Vulević, Delta Holding, BMW, Honda, Nordeus, Havas Adriatic, the US Embassy, and Coca-Cola. She founded the MAYA Holistic Academy and is the director of the School for Yoga Teachers. She has also launched Yoga&Fitness magazine and published two books and two DVDs on yoga. She is married to the famous screenwriter Djordje Milićević, who built an enviable career in America. Maja has a 22-year-old son Marko.

Take time for yourself

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