One day, One life


With this book, I want to give readers insight and knowledge about everything they can do in one day, in order to provide their body and mind with the necessary fuel that will move them and carry them through life with ease and joy. The fact is that we are constantly bombarded with a huge amount of information and requests. We have obligations towards our family, work and environment and often we don’t get to take care of ourselves nearly as much as we should. And if we do not take responsibility for our health and well-being, we will not be able to contribute to others. Every day is an opportunity to tell someone we love them.

The book has three chaptersMorning, Noon and Evening. Each chapter contains recommendations and exercises optimal for that time of day. The goal is to boost the natural intelligence of our body and purify our minds and emotions through daily exercises and small changes. In this way, one day in our life can become our whole life.

What is in the book?


The book contains recommendations and exercises that thousands of years of yoga and Ayurveda practices have found to be optimal for a particular time of day. Some of them are yoga exercises for the spine, salutation to the Sun, office yoga, exercises for better sleep, breathing, relaxation, meditation and aura protection techniques.

Useful tips

Practical and applicable calming tips that I have experienced myself and YouTube links for exercises.

Delicious meals

Discover quality foods that give the body strength and vitality and recipes for healthy meals from Ayurveda.

Diary of success

Track the changes that happen to you as you adopt the suggested tools and exercises. Notes will help you become aware of them.

Take a peek inside

“One Day, One Life”

1,200 RSD + 2 books as a gift

+2 Books as gift

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