Lavender heaven aroma set

Lavender heaven aroma set

  • Lavender essential oil 10ml (with pipette) + small rock crystal, glass packaging
  • Lavender hydrolat 100ml (sprayer) + small rock crystal, glass packaging
  • Luxurious blend of essential oils 10 ml (roll-on) + small rock crystal, glass packaging

The aroma set is placed in a luxurious purple box with a luxurious purple bag.



This set contains:

1. Lavender essential oil has been highly valued and used for centuries because of its magical smell and medicinal properties. We use essential oil and all other lavender products as part of personal hygiene, but also in holistic wellness practice. We use lavender oil in aromatherapy, for massage, inhalation, baths, cosmetics.

Lavender oil reduces anxiety and promotes sleep. Put on your palms few drops of oil and inhale, then run your palms over the pillow to help you sleep deeper and better. You can apply it to your feet or rub it into your muscles because lavender helps with muscle pain and tension. It reduces cramps and alleviates menstrual problems. If you apply directly to the skin, it is always good to dilute the pure oil with some neutral oil. This is precisely the reason why we created the product Blissful Moment, a luxurious mixture of essential oils with a base of almond oil, which you can find among other products..

Store the oils in a dry and dark place, at room temperature, out of the reach of children.


2. Lavender flower water from our Garden of Eden!

✔️ Spray the hydrolat on the face, neck and hair, let it dry. Hydrolat can be used as a poultice for headaches and stress, it gently disinfects the skin, preventing infection and irritation.

✔️ Use Hydrolat as a room freshener and as a laundry spray during ironing.

✔️ For a better sleep: Spray the hydrolate on your pillow and enjoy the scent and a deep sleep. If you have a roll-on Blissful moment, apply and massage your feet and palms.

It does not contain additives, alcohol, dyes and preservatives.


3. Luxurious blend of essential oils Blissfule moment (10ml) 100% natural - (Lavender, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang)


✔️ 24 hours with Blissful Moment, start your day by first applying the blend around your wrists and behind your ears. Put some blend on your palms, rub them together and inhale the divine fragrance for a few minutes. Gently run your palms over your face and hair.

✔️ When washing your hair, grease your palms a little and rub your hair to make it smell nice for longer.

✔️ Whenever you are under stress, you cuddle more often.

✔️ Fall asleep by first smearing your feet with a blend and then using your hands to gently rub deeper oil into your feet. To fall asleep in the wonderful scents of the Garden of Eden. If you have hydrolate, spray your pillow as well.

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