A luxurious blend of essential oils – Blissful Moment

A luxurious blend of essential oils – Blissful Moment

Quantity 10ml
100% natural
(Lavender, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang + small rock crystal)




✔️ 24 hours with Blissful Moment, start your day by first applying the blend around your wrists and behind your ears. Put some blend on your palms, rub them together and inhale the divine fragrance for a few minutes. Gently run your palms over your face and hair.

✔️ When washing your hair, grease your palms a little and rub your hair to make it smell nice for longer.

✔️ Whenever you are under stress, you cuddle more often.

✔️ Fall asleep by first smearing your feet with a blend and then using your hands to gently rub deeper oil into your feet. To fall asleep in the wonderful scents of the Garden of Eden. If you have hydrolate, spray your pillow as well.

Lavender oil deeply relaxes and regenerates
Patchouli has a favorable effect on the nervous system, strengthens self-confidence
Ylang Ylang is known as “sigh of pleasure” and represents an exceptional aphrodisiac

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